We Put Your Band Name / Logo On Your Bass Drum Head! Cheap! SINCE 2003!!!

Please read update below images!

So you went out and got yourself a mighty fine band. Singers were lined up to audition (well, a few showed up).
You kicked out that one guy. Even got everyone to agree on a name... You've got a lot of time invested in this band.
SO now it's time to advertise it. Get the name out on the street. But How...?

Your name or l ogo on the Bass Drum will let your audience know who you are in a split second.

Custom Logos are computer diecut or printed on ultra thin vinyl. Just your logo or name exactly as you'd like to see it.

DIECUT/ NO BACKGROUND DECALS - Most decals are only $35
- Prices Start at $80!!

Hot new artist Duffy hit us up for a drumhead logo. Check her out!!

Billy Talent drumhead from the JUNO awards- Yes- We made it! They even auctioned it off for about $2500 for Charity!! What Nice Guys!
Billy Talent

Maroon 5 Drumhead- from about 2005- We did it!
Maroon 5
Fab Sally and Fabulous Disaster Drumhead
Canadian Rock Legends- The Black Halos- " Say hi to Adam for us" See SPot Run- Full color head under stage lights 5 color head Logo for TDC! SImple Clean one color Logo- Remember to "Keep it Simple"!
The Bootlegs- Yes they love the Beatles!! Ahhh.. The Swingin' Utters - See them playing  now as the "Filthy Theivin Bastards" ( more or less) Jackaces... You shoulda seen the groupies!!

Custom Poster Designs

Bruce Hock Studios Student Showcase 5_2004



As of 2013, CustomDrumDecals is on haitus, however we have been
helping an entrepreneurial college student setup a business to provide the same services.

We encourage you to contact Jordan at customerservice@bassdrumdecals.com
He will be able to assist you. His website is www.bassdrumdecals.com.

Past CDD customer and need your art? If you have had us make your decal over the past 10 years,
we still have everything on file and are happy to either send you the artwork or to forward it to BassDrumDecals.com for production.

We thank you for your support!

Tracey and family
Serving musicians since 2003!

~older news~

2013: Sorry, We are not accepting orders at this time

At this time, family needs have made it nearly impossile to provide the level of service
that you should be able to expect from us.

That said, we have temporarily closed shop until we can get back up to the task.

We appreciate your patience and hope that you will still find much of the
content and advice on this site useful as you plan your logo needs.

Kind regards,
The CustomDrumDecals.com family

Welcome! We've been running customdrumdecals.com since 2003. This company was started after my family ran about 70 all ages shows. Looking back at old photos and video and realize that unless we wrote somewhere who the band was, it was hard to tell who was who. There was no identity.

Adding a logo to your head is a super simple and cost effective way to help your fans, and future fans know who you are when you're up on stage. When the show is over, your logo will remain in photos and in memories.

Branding is a good solid foundation for marketing and that is precisely what you are trying to do if you are here. Why? Well the bottom line is that you want to be remembered. Being remembered will get you bookings, sell your merchandise and create a following. So really think that logo through. Keep it simple, unique and easy to understand.  With many of those bands, if that same type were used with different words, you'd still recognize it.

Please contact us if you have any questions

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